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LifeChain is a first-of-its-kind commercial platform for fully tokenizing healthcare charges, claims, and medical records. MSP Recovery, which currently owns $1.6T in healthcare claims, has partnered with Tokenology Labs to enable the efficient delivery of healthcare services while ensuring accurate, transparent, and timely payments between patients, payers, and providers.

Complete project details coming soon.


Tokenology is a web 3 analytics and social platform combining Social Networking + Data Aggregation + Resources to be a one-stop shop for NFT traders. 
It gives traders and investors deeper insights, higher quality user experience, and a community trusted source instilling confidence in every trade. 

Tokenology aims to position itself as a market leader through user - centered design, unmatched tool and data aggregation, and a community first platform for NFT investors.

Tokenology Studio is focused on bringing global IP into the Web3 space.

Tokenology Studio handles everything from project concept, blockchain and platform selection, artist partnerships, marketing, management, smart contract audit and more.

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We focus on unleashing the full potential of blockchain technology by delivering real-world utility, multidimensional experiences, and large-scale enterprise solutions through tokenization.

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